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Why Start A Porn Cam Turnkey Site Design Business?
With our new Adult Cam Chat Design Business we have taken our 12 years in the porn site design industry to design top-notch Adult Cam Chat Websites at more than reasonable prices through our partnering with Imlive. We sell these Adult Turnkey Cam Sites at two price points; Only $695.00 for Adult Custom Cam Turnkey Designs and Only $395.00 if you purchase one of the sample Adult Turnkey Webcam Sites. Our goal has always been to offer our clients the best product at the lowest cost and risk in the Adult Webcam Design Business. We are a professional online Adult Cam Site Design and SEO Marketing Business always looking out for our costs and risk and because of this we are able to offer you these adult turnkey cam websites for the lowest price possible with FREE Hosting For Life Of your Porn Cam Turnkey Site Business. Plus our Cam Chat Adult Websites are totally Turnkey Adult Chat sites so all you have to do is work on Adult SEO Marketing for about 2 hours a week with our guidance and choose how you would like to get paid. So Graphic Porn Custom Design, Cam Models, Content, Hosting, Billing, Hands On Marketing & Cam Model Updates are taken care of for you.

Multiple Niche Custom Adult Webcam Sites
Our Custom Cam Site Designs don't just provide your customers one niche market; they offer your customers 10 different Niche options, so every customers desire can be fulfilled. These adult chat cam sites that we design pay you between $32 and $125.00 for every signup to your site or 20% for the life of the account. The 20% for life option at first might seem to be low, but you have to remember that the customer who loves the live 1 on 1 relationship and the rapport the webcam model builds will stay forever with that particular cam model. Many of the online surfers prefer the personal contact they feel to the Sex Chat Model rather than the impersonal pics and videos that many sites specialize in. The Live Sex Models at Imlive are experts at what I call rapport marketing. This type of marketing is greatly responsible for the unbelievable conversion and retention rate of your customers for your turnkey cam website. In a nutshell it is the ability to turn a first time Webcam viewer into a lifer by way of building a great relationship that will only get stronger as the years go by. The Cam Models at Imlive perform rapport marketing like no other can.

Adult Cam Site Turnkey Business Potential Earnings
Now let's look at the earning potential of our Custom Niche Web Cam Websites:
Even If you only average 2 signups per day in your first year in business you would have Revenue of $29,200.00 and this is based on the lower end of the payout scale. The payout scale pays you $40 per signup if you just bring in 11 paying customers in a pay period and during promotional periods this payout number can reach $125.00. Remember if you are signed up for the percentage payout for the life of the account, you over the long haul, might even do better because of the unbelievable retention rate of our turnkey web cam designs. Please note: The majority of your signups should be obtained during months 6 to 12. This is long-term business and the first 6 months in your new porn webcam business are just the beginning of a long-term business endeavor, which will take time. If you think the site is going to bring in 2 signups a day from day one please go elsewhere. Some competitors promise this but they can't deliver on it. If the porn site business was that easy we would partner with these companies promising overnight success, purchasing hundreds of their webcam sites and making millions off them. Why would we then be talking to you? I hope you know better than to believe these ridiculous promises. Please read on to better understand how we make most or our income by assisting you in making money.

Financial Incentive To Help Your Adult Cam Business Make Money
Basically speaking at Porn Cam Site Design we make the majority of our money as we assist you in making the money you desire to be making. You see, we have an agreement with Imlive Webcam Business that pays us up to $5.00 - $10.00 for every signup we assist you in obtaining. Note: This $5.00 - $10.00 does not come out of your money. This is a gratuitous payment directly from Imlive to us for promoting their adult site webcams. I know this $5.00 - $10.00 doesn't sound like much of an incentive but take a closer look and I am positive you will understand we are attached at the hip financially with you in this highly profitable adult webcam site business endeavor. Let's look at some numbers and our relationship with you will become very clear.

For this example we will use the average payout to us of up to $7.50 per signup. In a few years if you're obtaining Only 5 signups per day and getting paid $40.00 per signup you would get paid $200.00 a day or in other words $73,000 a year to you. At the same time we could get paid by Imlive approximately $7.75 per signup or in other words $13,687.50 for the year. So you take in $73,000.00 & we take in $13,687.50 for assisting your adult turnkey cam business make bank. I think you would agree $13,687.50 is a pretty good incentive to assist you in making as much money as possible. Can you think of a better incentive we could have to assist your cam site business?

The More Money We Assist You In Making The More Money We Make
Think about this. If we have just 100 clients who we assist to get 5 signups per day each the total revenue generated in 1 years time would be $7,300,000.00. Yes you are reading this correctly. Do the Math if you question it. Total revenue is over 7 Million Dollars & best of all it all goes to our clients such as you & for assisting you Imlive would pay us $684,375.00. I'm sure our incentive to assist you is clear now. We are truly attached at the hip and best of all we bring over 12 years of SEO Marketing experience in the Adult Industry to assisting our you. Remember the goal of Porn Cam Site Design is to work with you to obtain signups. We perform more hands on Adult SEO Marketing than any competitor we have & best yet we do most of it for FREE. We do the research, create the meta tags for every page of your site, create your headers, optimize your page text, interlink your pages & Submit your porn cam website to the major search engines. Can it get better than this?

PCS Design Will Provide A List Of Our Adult Turnkey Cam Design Competitors
Compare Porn Cam Site Design to all adult cam design business competitors. We will provide a list if you request this. We have nothing to hide & you have everything to gain with very minimal risk. Please call with all questions you have regarding this amazing Porn Work From Home Based Webcam Business Opportunity. There is no better revenue generator in the adult industry than adult cams. Webcam Chat is still in its infancy & with every improvement in Web Cam quality revenue is increased exponentially. If there is a better Porn Home Based Adult Business Opportunity Online Today please let me know. I haven't found one and I have been in the turnkey design and adult SEO business over 12 years now.

Call anytime. 610-659-9184. At Porn Cam Site Design We will provide you all the time in the world via phone or email.


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